SO Duo

SO Duo is a song project of Sumru Ağıryürüyen (vocal, mandolin, synth) and Orçun Baştürk (panduri, drums, vocal, synth) who have been creating various projects together, in a spectrum between traditional and avant-garde since 2013. As SO Duo, they play their own songs basically, writing their own lyrics, and using some texts from ancient/traditional/mystical poetry (from Anatolian sufis like Yunus Emre, minstrels like Aşık Veysel, Lao Tsu, Kerim and from very old Uygur texts about good or bad fortune) as well. Their music, inspired by various styles they love, can be defined as traditional, and minimalistic. Sometimes they take songs from forgotten languages to their repertoire. They have performed in many festivals and events in Turkey, and abroad.Their first album ‘Ay Ana/Mother Moon’ (Kalan Music, 2018) can be listened as CD and from digital platforms. A new album ‘The Light’ (BİLGİ Music LABEL) has been uploaded as an EP of three songs on March 2019, featuring bansuri and Hindustani classical music master Steve Gorn. SO Duo performs in in Turkey and abroad with Canfezâ Gündüz (classical kemenche) and Onur Başkurt (drums and electronics), and many special guests.

Sumru is one of the few woman free improviser singers in Turkey. While she is also known for her works in other genres such as folk and rock, Orçun has a reputation as an outstanding drummer, composer and song writer. They are both founding members of leading bands from avant-rock to traditional music in Turkey. Both musicians have performed and collaborated on many projects in many countries. They are also giving lectures on experimental improvisation and leading workshops focusing on ‘the importance of listening and using your own voice’.