BİLGİ New Music Festival // Electroacoustic Crossovers Presents Hildegard Westerkamp Concert

Date: May 7, 2021 Place: Time: 20:00
BİLGİ 12th New Music Festival // Electroacoustic Crossovers is honored to present Hildegard Westerkamp
Join us for a two-day event with Hildegard Westerkamp: A seminar, next day followed by a concert.
The concert consists of Westerkamp’s acousmatic works. Therefore, there will be no visuals aside from the program notes displayed in between each piece.
The concert will take place at May 7 (UTC+3 20:00PM).
*Please find the concert program below.
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Westerkamp is a composer, sound ecologist, soundscape researcher, activist, radio artist, writer, educator, editor. Her musicking practice focuses on listening, environmental sound and acoustic ecology; situated in formation of connections between individual, environment and community.
She is a founding member of the World Soundscape Project, a founding and board member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) and was the editor of the journal of (WFAE) called “Soundscape”. She has mentored many, in acoustic ecology and soundscape studies; coordinated and led many local and international soundwalks, given numerous soundscape workshops, concerts and lectures. Her works have been performed and broadcast in many parts of the world.
For more information about her work please visit:
Concert Program:
3. Gently Penetrating beneath the sounding surfaces of another place (1997) 14:03
5. Für Dich — For You (2005) 21:00