BİLGİ 12th New Music Festival 12// Electroacoustic Crossovers: Tara Rodgers (aka Analog Tara) Concert

Date: May 28, 2021 Place: Time: 19:00

BİLGİ 12th New Music Festival // Electroacoustic Crossovers is honored to present: Tara Rodgers (aka Analog Tara)
Join us for a two-day event with Tara Rodgers (Analog Tara): A seminar, next day followed by a concert.
The concert will take place at May 28 (UTC+3 19:00PM).
In this concert, Tara Rodgers will be presenting new compositions with analog synths and drum machines:
ARP-Xone (2021) – Noise patterns of an ARP 2500 synthesizer run through a Xone DJ mixer and effects
Jomox Studies (2021) – Seven short audiovisual compositions made from rhythmic patterns of a Jomox XBase 09 drum machine
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Tara Rodgers (aka Analog Tara) is a multi-instrumentalist composer, producer, and historian of sound. As a strong and prominent voice within feminist electronic music discourse, she writes about the cultural history of sound and music technologies.
Rodgers’ oeuvre spans from jazz piano performance, techno and electronic dance music production, electroacoustic composition, generative sound installations, to computer music made with SuperCollider.
She founded the website in 2000 to document the works of women in electronic music and to provide music production resources. It was one of the first online communities devoted to women who make and perform electronic music. The site now continues its advocacy efforts online through a network on Facebook (
She is the author of the seminal book “Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound” (2010), which is a collection of interviews spotlighting female electronic musicians, composers, producers, and DJs offering, offering a critical introduction on gender and electronic music history, and a bibliography and discography for further research.
In 2011, Rodgers established the Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio at UMD and taught as faculty of Dartmouth College in 2013. She has published essays and lectured on the history of synthesized sound.
She gives workshops and lectures on topics of electronic music history and practice. Her work is presented and broadcast around the world.
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