Released Date: November 17, 2023 Music: Yürüyen Merdiven

“Yürümek” (Walking) is the third studio album of Yürüyen Merdiven. The song that gives the album its name is a poem by Nâzım Hikmet. Members of the group, Yiğit Özatalay and Mustafa Kemal Emirel, combine their vocals for the first time in this piece, because they have been walking together for twenty years, and this poem contains the name they gave to their group and the meaning of their personal history developing “shoulder to shoulder”. The texts by Can Yücel, Aziz Nesin and Antonio Machado, along with two separate poems by Nâzım Hikmet, are a continuation of the poetry vein that the group has cared about since the beginning. Pablo Neruda and Yuri Gagarin inspire two separate pieces with their historical figures. As for the guests of the album, three new names are added to Genco Erkal, Tülay Günal, Çağdaş Engin, Angelika Niescier, Ülkü Aybala Sunat, Kristian Lind and Tolga Bilgin, who were also featured in the band’s first album: Trombone player Burak Dursun, saxophonist Barış Ertürk and Polish accordionist Andrzej Wlodarz. All arrangements in the album belong to Yürüyen Merdiven, and all compositions belong to Yiğit Özatalay. The last piece, on the other hand, is a folk song from Ağrı/Turkey and is dedicated to the precious memory of Tuncay Özatalay, whom we lost last year.

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