Converging Lines

Released Date: March 3, 2023 Music: Tolga Tüzün & Sarp Maden

If you listen to Tuzun and Maden’s “Converging Lines” without knowing anything about it, you will either think that they are collaborating with a bunch of other musicians or they are utilizing multitrack recording and over dubbing techniques. You’d be very very wrong. This fully improvised live recording is the proof that both of these master musicians are not only octopi, they also have brains that are capable of generating and processing multiple streams of thought and emotion. No pre-programmed electronic material, no predefined structure, all played live by two high school mates whose musical paths kept intersecting and diverging. This Kadikoy recording encapsulates their most recent phase of revisiting their shared and unshared past, with a content to look ahead. 

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