İki Abajur

Buyukberber and Tuzun celebrate musical brotherhood with their first duo album for which they rehearsed over 30 years!

Turkish Poet Edip Cansever’s poem “İçerikler” (Contents) inspired the parallel-improvisation concept Büyükberber and Tüzün have developed together and worked rigorously on.

Contemplating on both the comfort and limitation of years of accumulated references, this bass clarinet and piano duo is much more than the sum of its parts.

Oğuz and Tolga met in the beginning of their twenties. They not only played all kinds of gigs varying from TV shows to free jazz sessions, most importantly, they practiced and studied together. Both being composer and improvizer, Tolga with a heavier weight on composition and Oğuz on improvisation, they kept learning from each other even though they don’t live in the same country for more than twenty years.

Recorded at İstanbul Bilgi University music studios by —-, “İki abajur” illustrates the relaxed-alert state of two accomplished artists, each with a strong opinion, experiencing and expressing in a shared time and space. On their own, while observing the other.   It’s about focus, challenge, temptation, confrontation and confirmation.

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